About Me

Hi! I’m Spencer Keller, a videographer based in Seattle, Washington. Since I was young, I’ve always had a strong urge to tell stories through a visual medium. I started by making movies with my dad’s phone (he would edit them for me). When I was around 13 years old I saved up over the summer and bought the Canon t2i (still a great camera). I worked hard to get the most I could out of that camera for about three years, until I was able to upgrade to the Sony a7s – a camera I had been eyeing for about two years. Since then, I’ve continued to hone my craft, using any free time to make fun short films with friends, or doing other video work on the side. All the while slowly – but with intentional determination - working toward my goal of being a feature film director. I plan on making short films and submitting those to festivals until I know for myself that I’m ready to jump to feature length projects. As I’m making my way towards that future dream, I wanted to move the goalpost by doing the next thing best thing: telling other people’s stories through my camera. Of course I enjoy telling my own stories, but I also find it very fulfilling and fun to help other people tell theirs. I’m hoping you’ll let me help you tell your story. If you think I’m right for you, please don’t hesitate to contact me! We might not have met yet, but I’m looking forward to working with you!